Tuesday, March 21, 2017

1. In the last paragraph of the article, the author shows that the amount of money that college graduates have increased immensely from 1940 and 1960. This shows that the more decades that go by, the more college graduates will earn.
2. Better grades are linked to having better education and more earnings. Having a higher GPA makes your annual adulthood earnings increase about 12 percent for men and 14 percent for women. People who have better grades are more likely to keep studying after high school. Better grades are also linked to a greater probability of going to graduate school and earning another advanced degree.
3. The correlation between high school grades and overall education attachment was strongest for minorities. Between minorities and whites with GPA's that were similar, minorities were more likely to go to college or extend their education after high school. This might be because minorities have to work harder for the things they get instead of getting it easier like whites, so they work harder to get where they want to be and to take advantage of education.

Monday, March 13, 2017

1. I believe the reason for the 27% increase in student enrollment is because of how kids are acting out in school and to their parents. In this article, it says that this military school teaches leadership and responsibility, and that is what teens are lacking.
2. The purpose of this article is to show how this military school is affecting its students. It has examples of some of the teens in this school and their stories. It also explains how the kids will be disciplined.
3. Developing responsibility is very important because if you don't have responsibility while you're a student, then you will not make it in the real world. You need to have responsibility to keep a job and to take care of yourself. A way that our high school could give us more responsibility is by really enforcing a homework policy. Most teachers will let us turn in our homework at anytime even when there is a due date. This teaches kids that they don´t really have to get their work done on time, which will not slide in the work force.

Monday, March 6, 2017


1. I agree that this should be a factor for post-secondary schools because what you post on social media shows a lot about who you actually are, not just about how you act at school. If you post stuff about drugs and alcohol, then you shouldn´t be accepted into a college or post-secondary school because it shows that you will bring trouble into the school.
2.Yes, I agree with this because a lot of kids that I see are trying to be something that they aren´t, they´re trying to be a character instead of having character. This is bad because when a kid or teenager is trying to be something that they aren´t it could cause them to be sad because they are trying to be something so bad, instead of just being themselves.
3. The school does a decent job at preparing us for the future. I believe they could make being disrespectful to the adults in our school, or the other kids, a bigger deal than they do now. Currently they kind of just blow it off, or give us a warning when I believe that they should show that being disrespectful won't get you anywhere in life. We need to learn that we are going to have to associate with people that we don't want to be associated with in a respectful manner. When kids aren't punished for this, they think that they will be able to act like this forever, and that is not an option. Here is a link on how kids are turning into bad adults because they are disrespectful.

Monday, February 27, 2017

1. A two bedroom apartment in Maple Glen Apartments is 750 square feet with two bedrooms and one bathroom. It costs $494, but with one other roommate, the cost will be $247 a month. Here is the link to the apartment I found.
2. Another bill I will have to pay is my cell phone bill. On my family plan, my cell phone costs $45 a month. I will have gas that I need to pay for, and my car costs around $18 to fill up, and I fill it about three times a month. So far, I still have $850.16. The average cost of electricity per month in a two bedroom apartment is $40. I will split this with my roommate and it will cost $20 for me. Gas for your first apartment should only cost about $30. So splitting this with my roommate will cost about $15. Doing the math, my food price would be $218 a month, expensive! My cable TV will cost about $64.41, and I will split that with my roommate since we will both watch TV. This will leave me spending $32.20 a month. My car insurance is around $6,456 a year, being $538 a month. This only leaves me with $26.96, and that is not a lot of money at all.
3. It is stressful living paycheck to paycheck because I am left with hardly enough money to even buy a dinner out. This could be bad because what if my electric or gas are more one month than the other. I would have to borrow money, or I would be in debt and could be kicked out of my apartment. It is important to have a skill others find valuable because it would be easier to find a well-paying job, making me not have to live paycheck to paycheck.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

1. One career path that interests me is Veterinary Science. I like that I can help animals and be in a science field because science interests me a lot. I could help animals by diagnosing them or doing surgery on them, which would also help people because I know that pets are very important to people.
2. Michigan State University is a college that can help me achieve this career choice. MSU has a veterinary science summer camp for high schoolers that I am going to this summer. Here is the link for the camp. I believe that going to this camp would help me get more experience in that kind of field of work.
3. The average salary for a veterinarian can range from $50,480 to $141,680.

Monday, February 13, 2017

1.This TED talk is tied into our last segment because in that segment we talked about advertisements and hook ads, and this TED talk is talking about advertisements. The TED talk explains the types of ads that Nike uses to lure in its customers, just like how we wrote an essay on what types of ads are most appealing to teenagers.
2. The two markets that the man claimed Nike to sell to is the secondary market and the retail market. The retail market is sold to the average person where the secondary market is sold to the "sneakerheads."
3. If I could choose anything to collect, I would choose horsemanship shirts. I would collect these because they are very expensive, in high demand in the horse world, and they are very pretty. I could buy one and put more crystals on it and then sell it for even more money. If you don't know what a horsemanship outfit is, here is a link on what one looks like.

Monday, February 6, 2017

1. The article I chose last week, ¨Streakin Six," is about racehorses, and is in the genre of nonfiction, to inform and entertain.
2. Sequence and order is the Text Structure that my article uses. It uses sequence and order because it puts in the races that the horse has won in an order, and explains how he got as successful as he is right now, and those events are sequenced. Here is a link on text structure. 
3. Self Driving cars are the most interesting thing in the article. The article says that the new technology will have a lot of flaws and people will be iffy about using them, but I believe that people will warm up to the idea of these impressive inventions and the demand for them will skyrocket.Self Driving cars are most interesting to me because they will reduce the amount of deaths from car accidents. The number one cause of death for teens is car accidents, and this innovation will help that.