Monday, January 9, 2017

1. He declared the potato as a royal vegetable making only the royal family allowed to eat it. He planted potatoes and put guards around them. This made people more interested in eating potatoes, so people would try and steal them. He rebranded the potato and made people want to eat them. Ataturk made a veil mandatory for prostitutes to wear because he did not like veils. This made woman not want to wear veils anymore because they didn't want people to think they were prostitutes. Ted talk
2.   It falls under perceived value because he is saying that instead of making the trainride shorter, they should put the most famous male and female supermodels on the train and pay them to walk around the train giving the people free wine, which would make the people enjoy the train ride more, and it would get more people to ride on the train. It would also save them money because making a train go so much faster is expensive, so the train could be going slow, but people wouldn't care because they are enjoying themselves.
3. Changing people's perspective is more effective than changing reality because it is much easier to change the way people think, and often a lot less expensive. This is because persuading people is very easy to do.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

1. I believe that surveys in polls or studies are probably not very reliable. I believe this is true because a lot of the polls and studies are ran by companies, which are bias towards themselves. So they will more than likely use the worst statistics from the other companies, and the best for themselves. They hide the bad things about their product or brand to make theirs look better.
2. The thing I struggled with the most is finding examples of the different types of hooks. This was a struggle for me because for example I couldn't just search "Tone of voice ads," because if I did nothing would show up. So I had to search for the right ads for the right kind of ads. Therefore it wasn't really a struggle for me, I just had to work a little harder.
3. Elvis ad
Language & Celebrity appeal
Language is being used because "B the king" is used. That is like saying if you wear beats as headphones then you are high up and pretty much a king like Elvis.
Celebrity appeal is being used because the man in the picture is Elvis Presley. He has passed away but he is still a huge icon in modern day. They photoshopped the beats on to him. Branding value is being used because it is a brand trying to get you to use their brand of headphones and they are making an icon wear their brand.

Monday, December 5, 2016

1. It is important to support your argument with data to show that your company isn't being bias, and to show how to product you're trying to sell has impacted others. The evidence or data that you include will help persuade the people to buy your product. It will show the differences between your products and other companies products. You have to make sure that the data is relevant to your argument, or you'll have false data, and your argument will be invalid. Here is a link showing how to use data in your argument. When I want to do something, I have to show my mom evidence to persuade her into letting me do it. The better evidence I have, the more likely she is to let me do the thing i'm asking to do.
2. An alternate claim is important because it shows the differences of other brands. It persuades the customers into thinking that their brand is better than the other companies that are selling similar products. That is important because it shows the pro's and con's of the products.
3. The audience of my argument essay is teens, or my peers. My peers are teens, and I am trying to prove to them that the hook I choose is the better hook. I'm writing about which kind of hook appeals more to the teens eye, which one sparks their interest. I am a teen therefor I am more aware of what teens are interested in. That's why my audience is my peers.

Monday, November 28, 2016


A.    The yacht ad is using Badge value. I can tell because in the heading it is saying that yachts used to be luxury items but now they are necessities. This is similar to saying that if you have a yacht you are normal and have money and are higher up in society, and if you don't have one, you are below average, or poor. Therefor they are implying that if you own a yacht, you are more valuable, or likeable, or better, which is not true. 
B.    The Unfinished Claim would make more of an impact on me as a customer. This is because it is comparing the product to something else. Even when the advertiser leaves out what it is comparing the product to, it still gets my attention quicker than other types of claims, but when they actually compare the product to something similar, that is what really makes an impact on me. It is showing that the product they are advertising can do the job that it is made to do better than another brand meant to do the same thing.
C.    They are trying to show that all people like to use this brand, even just once in awhile. They are implying that there are all different kinds of people that use this product, not just people who are loyal to their brand. Using Branding Value is kind of like separating those people who use the product/brand from everyone else. Using Messaging Value is moreso saying that everyone uses this product even if they aren't loyal to the brand and use other brands too. These are some examples of branding value. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

1. Romeo and Juliet have a romantic love. Their love is a romantic love because their love progressed very quickly. So quickly that they barely got to know anything about each other. They barely talk besides saying how strong their love is for each other. It says in the article that their attraction is mostly physical. Their love is not compassionate because they take things very fast and they just want each other, not what's best for each other. If their love was true or compassionate, they probably wouldn't be together because that is not what's best for either of them.
2. True/compassionate love is better. It is better because you really truly care about that person, and it will last much longer, and you will be a lot happier with someone if your love is true. If your love is only romantic, then you don't really care about what's best for the other person. All you want is them, and their physical attraction. Romantic love is more lust, which is not a very good thing. I would not want a love that is all physical. I believe that would be emotionally draining. A true love would make you feel great all the time, and not in a physical way always. Romantic love would make you feel good only sometimes, and the rest of the time you would feel guilty, or unloved, or you wouldn't be able to trust the other person as much.
3. Even though both characters aren't very responsible with their emotions, I feel that Juliet is a bit more responsible with her emotions. I believe this because in the article it states that after their night together she wants Romeo to go, because she is concerning his safety. She felt regretful and ashamed after what happened. This isn't hugely responsible, and it's one of very few responsible acts in this play, but because she put his safety over her wants, that makes her responsible on their part. Here is a link on how Romeo and Juliet were responsible for their actions. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

1. Romeo and Juliet is a political story because Romeo didn't listen to the Prince, and so he was breaking the laws. Romeo's biggest hurdle to marrying Juliet is that the prince exiles him and promises to execute him if he returned to the city. He had to choose if he was going to listen to his feelings, family, faith, or to his prince.
2. It fits the structure of a tragedy because they get married very early and they ignored that their families had a feud. At the end they both end up killing themselves. This is a tragedy because their family had a feud, therefore they would not be able to be together. Getting married even though their families don't like each other is bad because it caused conflict between them. They weren't allowed to be together and Juliet's family was going to make her marry a different man, but she took a sleeping potion. Romeo found her and thought she was dead, so he killed himself. She woke up and found him dead, and then she killed herself. That is a very big tragedy.
3. Going to the theatre is different now than back then. It is different because nowadays people go to the movie theatre to watch a movie, back then they went there to party, and not really pay attention to the play or movie. Also, sometimes the building was set on fire from the cannons they used in the play. Now, if there was a play that involved cannons, they would use fake ones, not real ones because that is dangerous. It is a lot different now then when Shakespeare was around. Here is a blog on how different theatres are.

Monday, October 10, 2016

1. Normally, I get into bed around nine or nine-thirty, but I fall asleep around eleven or twelve. I know I should be going to bed earlier, but I get home from swimming around six, I ride my horse until around eight, eat dinner, shower, then I get into bed, and I still have to study, or do homework. Normally I have homework for 3/6 classes, and I take awhile to do it because I get distracted easily by my phone, or my dog, so it usually takes about two hours. After I'm finished with homework I try to sleep. If I can't sleep, I check my phone, or watch and episode of friends, or Grey's, and yes, I know it's a bad habit.
2. In the article it says that the biology of teenagers bodies are changing, which makes waking up time and going to sleep time later. That makes it harder for us teens to go to bed early, and to wake up early. It also says that teenagers need 9 hours of sleep, and it's hard for teenagers to get that much sleep when they have homework, sports, and phones that distract them from sleep. Teenagers need more sleep to function, therefore school should start later.
3. Sleep is important especially in the school year. It is important because "it is needed for memory consolidation and the ability to generate innovative solutions to complex problems. Sleep disruption increases the level of the stress hormone cortisol. Impulsive behaviors, lack of empathy, sense of humor, and mood are similarly affected." Meaning, if teenagers don't sleep, they will be even more moody, and they will not be able to concentrate as much in school. Here is a link on how sleep helps memory.