Monday, February 13, 2017

1.This TED talk is tied into our last segment because in that segment we talked about advertisements and hook ads, and this TED talk is talking about advertisements. The TED talk explains the types of ads that Nike uses to lure in its customers, just like how we wrote an essay on what types of ads are most appealing to teenagers.
2. The two markets that the man claimed Nike to sell to is the secondary market and the retail market. The retail market is sold to the average person where the secondary market is sold to the "sneakerheads."
3. If I could choose anything to collect, I would choose horsemanship shirts. I would collect these because they are very expensive, in high demand in the horse world, and they are very pretty. I could buy one and put more crystals on it and then sell it for even more money. If you don't know what a horsemanship outfit is, here is a link on what one looks like.

Monday, February 6, 2017

1. The article I chose last week, ¨Streakin Six," is about racehorses, and is in the genre of nonfiction, to inform and entertain.
2. Sequence and order is the Text Structure that my article uses. It uses sequence and order because it puts in the races that the horse has won in an order, and explains how he got as successful as he is right now, and those events are sequenced. Here is a link on text structure. 
3. Self Driving cars are the most interesting thing in the article. The article says that the new technology will have a lot of flaws and people will be iffy about using them, but I believe that people will warm up to the idea of these impressive inventions and the demand for them will skyrocket.Self Driving cars are most interesting to me because they will reduce the amount of deaths from car accidents. The number one cause of death for teens is car accidents, and this innovation will help that. 

Monday, January 30, 2017

1. The definition of non-fiction is, ¨prose writing that is based on facts, real events, and real people, such as biography or history.¨ An example of non-fiction is a newspaper. This is non-fiction because it shows us real events that are going on right now in our community, and in the world.
2. I think that textbooks and curriculum have shifted from anthologies of short stories and prose to dissecting non-fiction because the people who make the curriculum believe that dissecting non-fiction will help us students more in the long run because we will be reading non-fiction all our lives, so it's important that we are able to dissect and understand non-fiction.

3. The central idea of this article is about a horse and its earnings from racing. It talks about where he started and how much success he has had since the beginning. I picked this article because it is about a horse, and my interests are lured towards horses.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Final Blog

1.     Imagine being comfortable in your own body, and feeling great a majority of the time. Wouldn't that be amazing? Exercising on a daily basis could help everyone feel this way. Exercising on a daily basis helps people lose weight, sleep better, and feel great about themselves. It only takes a small chunk of time out of your day, and it has a major impact on the way you look, and the way you feel. Everyone should exercise on a daily basis to increase their health benefits and to leave them looking and feeling great.

2. In the play, Romeo and Juliet, Paris is the better husband for Juliet. Paris has very strong feelings for Juliet, and the other characters in the play look highly to him. He would be able to provide for Juliet. Juliet's family wants her to marry Paris, and not Romeo, making Paris a better match for Juliet because her family loves him, and her life would be a lot better because she is not disobeying her family by marrying Paris. In the play, Nurse says, "I think it best you married with the county. Oh, he’s a lovely gentleman. Romeo’s a dishclout to him. An eagle, madam, Hath not so green, so quick, so fair an eye As Paris hath. Beshrew my very heart, I think you are happy in this second match, For it excels your first." (Act 3 Scene 5). This is the Nurse telling Juliet that Paris is a lot better than Romeo and that Juliet would be a lot happier with Paris. Juliet and Paris

3. Narrative and memoirs are very important pieces of writing. They are important because when you are writing them, you are able to write about an important life story, which is something that makes you who you are now. It makes your readers understand why you write the way you write, and about what things have influenced your choice of writing. It tells people who you are and why you are like this. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

1. He declared the potato as a royal vegetable making only the royal family allowed to eat it. He planted potatoes and put guards around them. This made people more interested in eating potatoes, so people would try and steal them. He rebranded the potato and made people want to eat them. Ataturk made a veil mandatory for prostitutes to wear because he did not like veils. This made woman not want to wear veils anymore because they didn't want people to think they were prostitutes. Ted talk
2.   It falls under perceived value because he is saying that instead of making the trainride shorter, they should put the most famous male and female supermodels on the train and pay them to walk around the train giving the people free wine, which would make the people enjoy the train ride more, and it would get more people to ride on the train. It would also save them money because making a train go so much faster is expensive, so the train could be going slow, but people wouldn't care because they are enjoying themselves.
3. Changing people's perspective is more effective than changing reality because it is much easier to change the way people think, and often a lot less expensive. This is because persuading people is very easy to do.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

1. I believe that surveys in polls or studies are probably not very reliable. I believe this is true because a lot of the polls and studies are ran by companies, which are bias towards themselves. So they will more than likely use the worst statistics from the other companies, and the best for themselves. They hide the bad things about their product or brand to make theirs look better.
2. The thing I struggled with the most is finding examples of the different types of hooks. This was a struggle for me because for example I couldn't just search "Tone of voice ads," because if I did nothing would show up. So I had to search for the right ads for the right kind of ads. Therefore it wasn't really a struggle for me, I just had to work a little harder.
3. Elvis ad
Language & Celebrity appeal
Language is being used because "B the king" is used. That is like saying if you wear beats as headphones then you are high up and pretty much a king like Elvis.
Celebrity appeal is being used because the man in the picture is Elvis Presley. He has passed away but he is still a huge icon in modern day. They photoshopped the beats on to him. Branding value is being used because it is a brand trying to get you to use their brand of headphones and they are making an icon wear their brand.

Monday, December 5, 2016

1. It is important to support your argument with data to show that your company isn't being bias, and to show how to product you're trying to sell has impacted others. The evidence or data that you include will help persuade the people to buy your product. It will show the differences between your products and other companies products. You have to make sure that the data is relevant to your argument, or you'll have false data, and your argument will be invalid. Here is a link showing how to use data in your argument. When I want to do something, I have to show my mom evidence to persuade her into letting me do it. The better evidence I have, the more likely she is to let me do the thing i'm asking to do.
2. An alternate claim is important because it shows the differences of other brands. It persuades the customers into thinking that their brand is better than the other companies that are selling similar products. That is important because it shows the pro's and con's of the products.
3. The audience of my argument essay is teens, or my peers. My peers are teens, and I am trying to prove to them that the hook I choose is the better hook. I'm writing about which kind of hook appeals more to the teens eye, which one sparks their interest. I am a teen therefor I am more aware of what teens are interested in. That's why my audience is my peers.